"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
Mother Teresa
Got Agulu Primary School


Haki Msingi and HALSIA have identified a group of 18 severely disadvantaged girls. Many are orphans, others in danger of continuing the cycle of poverty to the next generation, simply because of outdated traditions such as early marriage and child labour. A primary school education should not be an unaffordable luxury.


This is a grassroots campaign and your funds directly impact the girl you donate to and her family. The whole community benefits.


Join us in Helping a Little Sister in Africa by sponsoring a girl through our Kenya Initiative or follow us on social media. The students needing your support are in the image gallery on this page and the full range of ways you can help are here.


Additionally, we have plans for a 2017 mentorship programme which will enable schools from around the world to share experiences and build life-long friendships with students in Kenya.


To register your interest, please send us a quick message here:

Caroline Abiero
Grade 5, 12 years old
Caroline has missed some school due to family problems and often has to babysit while her mother works. Haki Msingi works to help her concentrate and talks to her mother about the importance of education.
Cindy Odipo
Grade 5, 11 years old
Cindy has six siblings and the last girl in the family. She attends school despite the family's economic disadvantage. She wants to break the poverty cycle and have a 'positive future life'.
Candice Awino
Grade 6, 14 years old
Candice's parents did not care for her to have an education as they did not see the point of educating a girl. She is now at school and would like help to stay enrolled.
Glorious Anyango
Grade 5, 12 years old
Glorious is taken care of by her widowed grandmother after losing her parents. She has an older sister at Got Agulu School named Carmel. She loves school.
Carmel Audho
Grade 6, 14 years old
Carmel is the older sister to Glorious. They lost both their parents to HIV/AIDS and she wants to do her best at school.
Annally Atieno
Grade 6, 14 years old
Annally lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS. She is a bright girl at school but worries about school fees and her future.
Benta Awuor
Grade 6, 14 years old
Benta has been working hard and is successful in school, gaining confidence daily. She wants to finish school and make a success of her life.
Joyce Atieno
Grade 5, 13 years old
Joyce lost her mother to HIV/AIDS in 2014. Her elderly grandmother tries to help her. She has been doing well in school and wants to continue to study.
Felister Ndiege
Grade 6, 14 years old
Felister is the first child in her family to go to school due to poverty. She is jovial, bright and energetic. Felister is determined to keep going to school and wants to 'make history'
Elizabeth Atieno
Grade 5, 12 years old
Elizabeth lost her parents when she was 3 years old. She is living with her uncle on his farm. She wishes to become a doctor and is popular at school.
Saudha Odhiambo
Grade 6, 14 years old
A bright and outgoing girl with a lot of confidence. She is living with her step-mother after both her parents passed away. She loves being at school.
Janet Akello
Grade 5, 12 years old
Janet is being helped by Haki Msingi after her plight was brought to their attention. She needs help to stay in school and finish her studies. Janet is a bright and popular girl.
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