Where is HALSIA located?

HALSIA has offices in both London and Edinburgh however most of our work is done online, reducing costs and making us available at all times for our clients.

What services does HALSIA provide?

HALSIA:TECH specialises in the design and development of high quality, affordable mobile apps and websites for the charitable sector. We do however provide a range of other technical services that bring further value to our clients and allow us to build long term relationships:

  • Complete mobile solution including mobile applications and websites

  • Enterprise system development

  • Cloud computing solutions

  • 3D gaming

  • Augmented, mediated and virtual reality technology

  • Design and technology workshops

  • System support & maintenance

  • Social media management

  • Product planning and GTM strategic advice

Can I get some advice before proceeding with a project?

Absolutely! We would love to dicuss your project even if you are unsure of a start date or a while away from commencing. We can provide honest advice and help sort through any issues you have in relation to getting started.

Will HALSIA help me innovate my business?

Yes. We will add value to your product or service wherever possible so you get the best result and we know we have done our absolute finest work. Often, some good discussions lead to a better product without any additional cost. We want the best for you because it's part of our culture to improve everything we touch.

Apps & Websites

What platform do you build websites on?

Generally we would use Wordpress as a standard, however each project will be analysed to see if something better is available or appropriate.

Can you do a web and app package at a discounted rate?

Most likely yes. Please speak to us about your needs and we will do whatever we can to give you the most affordable price with the highest quality outcome.

Client Q&A

What do I want the app to do?

Is it primarily for brand awareness, or do you want your app to fulfill a specific function? Choosing the type of app you need depends on two things: the goal of the app and how people use a phone in relation to your business’ offerings. With restaurants, for instance, people use their phone to view menus, make reservations, or call in orders, so your app should support those functions.

Who will develop it?

Are you going to hire a freelance developer, an agency, or go the DIY route? Understand the trade-off between time and financial resources that will need to be invested toward each of these options.

Can I afford it?

Today, a basic app can cost between £1,000 and £3,000, while an elaborate native app with advanced functionality can easily cost more than £8,000! In addition to the initial launch costs, the app needs to be regularly maintained and updated. Support costs include bug fixes and software revisions, which can cost about £75 per hour and require an app update as well as resubmission for approval in the app marketplace.

Do I have time to mantain it?

Do you have time to create fresh content, new functionality, and also submit updates to the app store? Keep in mind that Apple requires a waiting period (typically one week), every time you submit an update. To keep an app fresh you should look at smaller updates every 1-2 months, keeping your audience engaged and your product relevant on their phone.

How do I integrate it into my business?

How do you want the app to integrate with your existing online presence? If you want to sell products and services, or book appointments and reservations through your app, you will need to ensure that all platforms run seamlessly with one another. Even though it’s not always necessary to build a native app out of the gate, it’s still important – now more than ever – to build brand awareness for your business with a mobile presence. Today, it’s possible to replicate the look and feel of a native app through other technologies. A mobile-optimized website can be a great alternative for businesses that don’t necessarily need all the functions of a mobile app, but want to be easily accessible to customers. There are many options, so use these guidelines to help plan your next mobile move. While we can all agree that your business needs to be mobile-friendly, make sure you weigh all of the options to choose the best mobile solution for your business.


How will I know how my project is going once we start?

HALSIA will keep you updated with weekly reports on progress so you know exactly where you stand and can inform any other stake-holders. We will also try to meet any other requests you may have relating to specific reports or information you need. We pride ourselves on transparency and want to make the experience of working with us an enjoyable and memorable one.

How long do you provide support after development?

We always stand by our work. In some instances we have provided post completion assistance for 8 months in order to ensure everything was running smoothly and the client had someone they could rely on. We would be happy to discuss how much support you may need when we look at your specific project.

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