HALSIA:TECH was formed by a number of professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Creative professionals with experience across continents and across many industries.

​The company is dedicated to providing affordable, high quality websites, mobile app and enterprise solutions to all types of business, from start-ups to established brands. HALSIA:TECH is well equiped to bring innovation to a project and provide strategic advice on how you can expand your market and reach full potential.


The founders of HALSIA:TECH have been pioneers in the mobile app sector, developing the world's first international mobile donations application. Development experience includes major brand names and products, in the UK, Australia and the USA.


In addition to apps and websites, we offer a range of services including systems development, maintenance, design, marketing plans and social media management - with a share of profits dedicated to the Help a Little Sister in Africa program.


Let us be part of your journey, from concept to completion.


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"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business."
Henry Ford

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